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We review more than 5,000 qualified business plans per year. Here is what we look for:

Qualified Management: Exceptional management team with deep domain knowledge of its technology and market. We are particularly deft at helping early-stage companies build management teams that complement the skills of the founding entrepreneurs.

Market Edge: Startups with high barriers to market entry because of their proprietary technology and domain expertise.

Large Market Potential: We invest in companies that can achieve a market value of at least $200 million and preferably more than $1 billion.

Exit Strategy: Viable strategies to obtain liquidity. Natural merger or acquisition opportunities and clear paths leading to a successful IPO must be evident.

Return on Investment: Woodside Fund requires an investment return of at least 10 times the invested total in 3–5 years.

Focus: The business must be in one of our areas of expertise: semiconductors, networking and communications infrastructure, and applications and infrastructure software.


"Woodside Fund is visionary, technologically ambitious and savvy, and most importantly, able to act genuinely as partners with the entrepreneurs in whom they invest."

Alex Jacobson,
President & CEO, TriVida Corp.



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