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Our portfolio companies, while in different markets, all share a few characteristics: they are built and led by smart people who have a passion for delivering needed solutions and developing strong and effective partnerships along the way.

Participating in this community of entrepreneurial talent yields tremendous rewards for Woodside Fund.

Take a look at the companies, their founders, recent news, products, and services. See for yourself the innovation we identified in the early stages and are helping to succeed.


“The Woodside team brings two important qualities that have contributed to our success; a keen understanding of the business of mixed-signal semiconductors and design technology, and a strong operational experience. They consistently provide thoughtful and knowledgeable support, and are not afraid to roll-up their sleeves whenever needed. We see them first and foremost as active business partners to our executive team, rather than simply as investors.”

- Ravi Subramanian, Ph.D., President and CEO, Berkeley Design Automation



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