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Open source thrives in downturn
By Oliver Marks
December 3, 2008

Collaboration initiatives are all about streamlining business processes, and the interfaces between legacy closed systems and open source stacks are an increasingly common place to find business collaboration environments.


Open-source software as guerrilla marketing strategy
By Stefanie Olsen
March 24, 2008

Chances are if you're running a commercial open-source company, Google is one of your best friends.


Bear River Supply Selects Intelleflex’s Extended Capability RFID Solution for Yard Management
Press Release>> (PDF)
October 16, 2007


Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE™ Selected by Fujitsu for Next-Generation Analog/RF & Mixed-Signal IC Design
Press Release>>
October 16, 2007


Aristos Logic Announces Availability of the Industry's First Multi-protocol RAID Storage Processor Device
Press Release>>
October 15, 2007


CRM Performance Prediction for Wireless QoE Available
By David Sims
September 26, 2007

VeriWave, a vendor of wireless networking functional and performance analysis systems, has announced the integration of WiMix, what company officials call "the industry's first performance prediction tool for wireless Quality of Experience" with an open-air test methodology using VeriWave WT20 Traffic Generator/Analyzer units to load a wireless infrastructure network with traffic from thousands of users.


Berkeley Design Automation Selected by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. for Digital-RF Chip Design Platform
Press Release>>
September 18, 2007


Matisse Networks, An Optical Startup, Gets $45 Million
By Om Malick
September 10, 2007

Large funding rounds for startups dabbling in optical technologies were a regular affair back in the late 1990s, but lately they’ve become about as common as a Bigfoot sighting.


Matisse Networks Raises $45M to Accelerate Global Adoption of the EtherBurst™ Optical Switch
Press Release>>
September 10, 2007


Intelleflex Increases Production of Next-Generation RFID Tags
Press Release>> (PDF)
August 28, 2007


Open Source is the Big Disruptor
By Peter Galli
August 15, 2007

Continued acceptance will drive down prices and force proprietary software vendors to change their business model.


Q&A with Berkeley Design Automation CEO Ravi Subramanian
By Michael McManus
August 15, 2007

Within the global EDA (electronic design automation) industry, Berkeley Design Automation (BDA) is the new kid on the block, with the startup having been in existence for only four years.


VeriWave Unveils “WiMix™”: Industry-first Wireless Performance Testing Targeted to Vertical Markets
Press Release>>
July 30, 2007


Q&A with David Gilmour “Social Networking Plus Search To Tap Into Expertise
By IT Business Edge
July 17, 2007

With David Gilmour, CEO of Tacit Software, on how illumio, a new type of Web 2.0 technology that helps connect the dots between unstructured knowledge, the people who have it and the people who need it – online and within the enterprise.


Free My Phone. Bill Howe is trying to make the cellular industry love Wi-Fi, not fear it
By Scott Woolley and Evan Hessel
July 2, 2007

What if your cell phone had a "turbo" mode? Engage it and the phone switches from a pricey, slow cellular network to a cheap, fast Wi-Fi network for voice calls and Web surfing. Britain, France, Taiwan, Austria and Canada already have networks that can do this.


Putting Surveillance Myths to Rest
By Robert Poe
June 28, 2007

SS8 compiles guide, exposes misconceptions about global lawful intercept practices.


SPI claims to be the Fastest DSP
May 23, 2007

Stream Processors Inc. (SPI) has rolled out what the company calls the industry's highest-performing digital signal processor (DSP).


Startup Raises $95M, Woos Big Computer Makers
By Sarah Tolkoff
April 30, 2007

Chalk up another win for Foothill Ranch-based Aristos Logic Corp.


Matisse Networks EtherBurst Optical Switch Delivers Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for Metro Optical Networks
Press Release>>
April 25, 2007


Local Presence Is Important In China Deals
By Brian Gormley
April 18, 2007

With business in China booming, most venture capitalists are coming around to the view that the only way to invest in China is to have a presence there.


SPI’s Storm-1 DSP Powers Vidient’s Next-Generation Intelligent Video Router
By Embedded Computing Design
March 26, 2007

Stream Processors, Inc. (SPI), a fabless semiconductor company that is making parallel processing simple, today announced that its Storm-1™ SP16-G160 stream processor has been selected by Vidient Systems, Inc. to power the company's next-generation intelligent video router – the Vidient SmartCatch® Intelligent Video Router IVR2400.


Intelleflex and Mitsubishi Electric Partner on Extended-Memory RFID Technology
By RF Design
March 13, 2007

Intelleflex Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation have entered into a technology transfer and license agreement that will enable Mitsubishi to build support for Intelleflex’s “extended memory” Gen2 RFID tags into its reader products for use in Japan.


2007 Pocket Communications to Use SS8 Network’s Xcipio for CALEA Compliance
By Patrick Barnard
March 9, 2007

Pocket Communications to Use SS8 Networks' Xcipio for CALEA Compliance.


The Return of the Optical Transport Market
By Michael Kennedy
February 27. 2007

The optical transport equipment market is rising from the burst Internet bubble. Incumbent vendors’ sales are increasing and start-ups are getting funding.


Start-up Claims Breakthrough in Parallel Processor Design
By David Manners
February 12, 2007

A two-year old spin-out from Stanford University believes it can solve one of the key problems of parallel processors - the difficulty of programming them.


Intalio Goes Organic with Open Source
By Upside Research
February 14, 2007

We recently spoke with Intalio’s founder, Ismael Ghalimi, to get the scoop on open source BPM.


Intel and Samsung Back DisplayPort
January 9, 2007
By Rick Merritt

Intel and Samsung officially put their weight behind the Displayport 1.1 specification at a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show here Tuesday (Jan. 9). With their support the competing Universal Display Port (UDI) effort is essentially dead.


BorderWare Reports Record Quarter Earnings with 400% Growth in Enterprise Customers
Press Release>>
January 4, 2007


VESA’s DisplayPart Interface Standard from Analogix at CES
January 3, 2007
By Dan Frommer and Rachel Rosmarin

While past events have been used to launch revolutionary new products like the compact disc, the digital video recorder and plasma television, this year the Las Vegas Convention Center will be offering a lot of variations on old themes.


Analogix Rounds Out DisplayPort Offering
January 3, 2007
By Rick Merritt

Analogix Semiconductor (Santa Clara, Calif.) announced Wednesday (Jan. 8) its first receiver chip for the DisplayPort interconnect. The news comes on the heels of the first plugfest for the digital interface proponents say will be used in a range of computer and consumer systems.


The Pitfalls of Seed Investing
by Thomas A. Shields
January 01, 2007

Seed investing has recently gained visibility in venture capital circles with the formation of several seed-stage funds like First Round Capital, and even formal programs within established VC firms, like Charles River Ventures’ QuickStart program. However, despite the perception that seed investing has been the sole purview of angels, most early-stage VC firms have historically engaged in selective seed investing. more>>




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