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May 22, 2000

Woodside Fund Chairs Early Stage Venture Capital Alliance (ESVCA) Conference 2000: "Building For Sustainability"

Woodside, CA -- The Early Stage Venture Capital Alliance (ESVCA) is a community of more than 150 seed and early stage venture capital firms across the US, that convene annually to share common challenges, practices and information on critical aspects of their business. This twelfth conference will focus on the opportunities and challenges in building sustainable venture capital funds in today's exuberant and fast-paced early stage investing environment. The conference will be held June 5 in San Francisco, CA.

This year's round table conference features thought provoking topics which include: How scalable is early stage investing? What's in the crystal ball for e-commerce? What are the key success factors for alternative venture fund structures, and how sustainable are they? What management and compensation structures are evolving and succeeding? How do VCs market their services to highly qualified startups? The featured speakers are Jon M. Ekoniak, Vice President and Senior Research Analyst for B2B E-commerce:Vertical Markets at US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, and Raimundo Archibold, Vice President, J.P. Morgan Securities, Internet/eCommerce Equity  Research.


ESVCA has been a unique organization since its inception over twelve years ago. While the venture community provided a host of conferences on venture capital investing for VCS and the entrepreneurial community, none existed specifically for early stage venture capitalists. The original idea for ESVCA was to create a confidential atmosphere where managing directors of venture firms could freely exchange candid observations and information on the most sensitive and timely topics facing the industry. Today the Alliance maintains this same atmosphere that fosters effective communication among its members.

ESVCA chairman Vincent Occhipinti has provided leadership for the Alliance for the last nine years. Mr. Occhipinti is a founder and Managing Director of Woodside Fund, a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. "My commitment to ESVCA is very strong because it facilitates the unique experience of VC peers to gather in a disarming and non-competitive environment. As chair of ESVCA, I have the enviable position of interfacing with each attendee to stimulate thought-provoking discussions regarding the future of our industry. Collectively, we (the ESVCA) can impact the industry in a very positive way."

About Woodside Fund

Founded in 1983, Woodside Fund has one of the longest and strongest track records of success in early stage venture capital investing. All Woodside Funds have performed in the upper quartile of the industry for venture capital partnerships formed in their respective years. Woodside Fund's latest partnership, Woodside Fund IV, had its final close in March, and invests between $5 and $10 million in early stage ventures in Internet and electronic commerce, computer software, telecommunications, and networking. The Fund serves as an active lead or co-lead investor in most of its portfolio companies.






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